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Motherhood – Beyond Survival part-2


 Motherhood is not always sacrificing what we are or what we like to do, but managing our time well. For if we sacrifice everything, we will not be able to be an effective mother in the long run. Mother hood can be monotonous, never ending drudgery if we do not take time out to do things we enjoy.  Going out with girlfriends to the movies and window shopping once in a while can be a great recreation for us women. Those things will energize us, and in return we are able to be a better mother. One of my favorite recreation was to sit down with a favorite magazine and a cup of tea. When I was a young mother someone advised me to continue to take teaching appointments and I did, which helped me greatly. What is the one thing that would revitalize you?


Recently, someone told me that she does not need to go for exercise because her husband loves her the way she is. It may be true with her husband, but not with all husbands, as they like their wives to look good and attractive. But there is more to exercising regularly than just for our husbands, which is also a good reason to exercise. Exercise should not be done only to lose weight, but it should be done for a greater reason. It helps in weight control, if we eat consciously, but also I do my exercise so that I will be able to function well during the day and be able to give out to others. You may say that you are so busy doing a lot of housework that you do not need an exercise program. But in my experience even if I am busy the whole day running up and down the stairs for my work and sometimes I am on my feet for long hours, but the

half hour to forty-five minutes of running or walking gives more energy and strength to my body and mind. I can work longer, think better and look good too. Researchers also say that it releases a “feel-good” hormone in our bodies that can help us to feel upbeat and alive. So I have found that exercise gives that extra edge we need for our motherhood. To believe it, you have to try it, so please try and do not give up in one week.

Learn to See the Big Picture:

In motherhood, if one only sees the daily, immediate tasks, we can get discouraged and our labor may seem like meaningless drudgery. What we do today is investing in the future of our children. Our sleepless nights are not in vain. Our hard work to teach and train them to develop good habits will help them to accomplish success in their lives. There are some mothers who give up their jobs in order to be with their children. They will never regret that, once

 they are able to see the big picture. So mothers should learn to keep the big picture in front of their eyes so that it will help them to persevere in their job. I have heard some parents say that they work so hard, but once the children are grown up, the children will leave them and the parents will be on their own. The purpose of raising children is much bigger than just so that they would look after their parents when they are old and even bigger than that they would carry on the family lineage. It is so that they will, as individuals, reach their destiny and influence the world in a positive way. So I would encourage both parents to have an appropriate picture of their parenthood, which will help them to endure in their task of raising children.

I am sure there are many other things that we could do so that we will not just survive in our motherhood, but enjoy it. The above-mentioned points have greatly helped me in my motherhood.