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The Eyes of a Child: Consequences

I don’t remember the spankings I had when I was small or what caused them, but I will write what I remember. My mum gave me consequences like no video games, or no TV because I didn’t do my chores. I remember when I had to practice typing everyday for fifteen minutes. I did not like that. But if I didn’t do it I was not allowed to watch TV. Now I can type using all my fingers, without looking at the keyboard, and even the screen if I wanted to.

The consequences my mum gave me were because I did something wrong. I remember how I would get upset, and a bit angry at times. Act a bit like I didn’t care even though I did. One would probably think: how would restricting a child from video games and TV help him in a certain way? It did! Consequences showed me what is really important, that every action I make leads to a certain path, depending on what I did.


I have realized that things like video games, something I thought so precious in a certain way is not that precious in reality. It was a source of entertainment, nothing more then that. Should entertainment be all that I should care about? Through it all I learned to prioritize the important things and that the results of wrong choices are painful.

I would say: when you grow up and do something wrong, I’m pretty sure consequences are not going to be the restrictions of video games and TV. It will be much bigger like loosing a job, getting cut on pay checks.

Roshan Martins