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To Do or Not To Do: Children in Long Meetings

To Do or Not To Do

Have you been to a meeting where you are unable to concentrate because children are screaming or running around? Usually mothers or fathers are in and out many times throughout the meetings. There are some places where parents are not allowed to come with their young children. Or just because they are kids should they run around? Some say that they are children and don’t know better so let them run around, scream and cry even during the meetings. I am sure mothers and fathers desire to sit through the meeting without being disturbed. Well maybe till the child grow up it may never be like when you were single. But the interruption can be minimized by some skill, planning and discipline. I was able to attend many meetings because I planned and trained my children to sit through the meetings. I can say with confidence that you can go to meetings with your child and be able to listen to the message. We the parents have to work little heard in gaining some knowledge on training the children to sit. It will take some skill and training. 


1. First educate yourself with the knowledge of the need for different toys at different ages. Children play with variety of toys according to their development. The toy which intrigues an one year old will not do a two year old hence he will not be occupied for long time so he will get bored and may want to do another thing.

2. Remember that kids have a very short attention span, about 15 minutes. Very active and energetic children have an even shorter attention span!

toys3. Pack a variety of toys, coloring pencils, A4 papers, favorite books, fruits and bisuits.

4. As the meeting begins, give each child a toy. When you notice he or she is loosing interest in the toy, give them another. In between give some thing to eat. As a rule of thumb it is better not to give sweet snacks and drinks. These make the child hyper and you will end up with a child who would want to run around the meeting hall. Parents, remember children love sweets but it is not good for them for several reasons, one being the sugar in the blood stream gives them extra energy and makes it very hard for them to sit still.

boy with airplane5. Make a habit of taking children to meetings as young as possible and train them to sit in one place at an early age.

6. You might face some challenges like other parents letting their child to run around. Your child will want to do the same. But when the other parents see your example, they might also want to discipline their children in to sitting still.