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Veg Stir Fry

Here is one of my favorites, mix green leafy stir fry you may like to try it. Serves at least five.

Cut up the following vegetables to the size or shape of your choice:

  • 1\2 a bunch of Palak if the bunch is a big bunch
  • 1 small cabbage,
  • 2 carrots, to make it look pretty
  • Leaf of 2 mooli/bathua\ rai sag – you can mix 4 or 5 vegetable. If you have more greens then make the amount of the other vegetables less accordingly
  • 3 whole green chillies broken up
  • 5 garlic pods cut up

Heat a little oil up then put the green chilly and the garlic, brown it a bit then add the vegetable, add a little salt to taste.

Veg Stir Fry

Just remember to cook till they look bright green, that takes just 5 or 10 minutes, do it just before you serve your meal.

Veg Stir Fry1

Some of my friends really like it. Please try and let me know if you like it too.


Veg Stir Fry2

If someone comes to my house for the first time and eats my stir fry vegetable usually I can see a funny expression in their face. One person did not eat at all, thinking that it would give him a stomach pain. Another person was wondering how we are able to eat such a vegetable which is raw? At our home we eat a lot of vegetables so one of our staff told me that this is the first time he ate so much vegetables in his entire life.
According to the nutritionists the vegetables are supposed to be washed first then cut. They are cooked covered in order to retain all the vitamin and minerals and when the vegetable looks bright green need to be taken down from the stove. I have found that if the vegetable is cooked way ahead of time of serving it turns to a dull green which means the nutrition of the vegetable is all killed already and it is as good as not eating. Even when it is overcooked it looks pale green so just check the color while you are preparing your leafs.
Another good way to prepare green leafy vegetable is called blenching. Have you heard about this? Well this just means throwing your cut up vegetables into a pot of very hot boiled water and the vegetables are kept for like 5- 10 mins. Keeping for very long time in the hot water would not be a very good idea again for the same reason that is mentioned above.
It is said that it is better to eat the vegetable raw as much as possible but I feel we have to be little bit more careful about this because one does not know where the vegetables come from and what kind of pesticides are used. If one really wants to eat them raw it must be washed well and if you want to be really careful then should be soaked for at least half an hour in a water with a little pinch of potassium permanganate which is easily available at the chemist. If you are scared you are turning to be an westerner do not worry, to be westerner you have to be born there or some thing. This just protects us from diseases but you may say so many Indians are not doing this way and nothing is happening to them but we do not know what is happening to them because we are many million of us it is hard to keep track of the effects of unhygienic way of cooking and eating.