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How to Make Play Dough

Play DoughI have used play dough a lot with my children. When we were traveling, while I needed them to be occupied during a meeting, and at home, any time I really needed a good distraction. The beautiful thing about the play dough is that the children like the fact that they can get their fingers into it and make things like animals, flowers, houses, etc. I remember once, we were planning to go on a three-day bus journey. I made two to three lots of play dough and carried them with me. Of course I had other toys too. With play dough, they can be occupied for a very long time.

Many mothers know that when we make chapatti how the children like to have some dough and play with it. Following is two recipes of how to make play dough. You might think that it is a waste to use all the salt, flour, corn flour this way. But I just want to point out, how many times do we buy toys, but they never play with them after the first day? The money that was spent gets wasted. If you go to buy play dough from the store it will cost around Rs 100/- and it will dry out in a few days. Also, if you compare with the way the play dough keeps them occupied and happy, the little salt and flour getting wasted is not a big thing and it is worth it.

You need:

Play Dough2

  • Salt
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Two to three drops of food colouring.

Play Dough3

Mix the salt and flour then add the water little at a time so that you will not end up with a sticky dough. When you have a consistency which is easy to mould, you are done. I am sure you will know how to do this, because of all the times you have made chapatti dough. Use immediately or put it in a plastic bag tying it up well, then store in an airtight jar.
Clay models can be preserved by air drying at room temperature for 3 days.