Why Mums&Dads?

My father truly believed in the saying “todays youth are tomorrow’s future”. As a result he used his time and energy in training young people. They became leaders, studied well and they are influencing their world right now. In the same way I believe to day’s child is tomorrows future. Even though it would largely depend on the choices the children will make, I believe that parents have immense influence and power to shape their future. They have indescribable opportunity from the time they have their baby in their arms. A child is like a clean slate on which they can leave valuable impressions on which the children will be able build their future and eventually the nation. That is why I firmly believe that the key to our future generation living a value and principle based life depends on the parents. Another reason for my belief is because of my twenty-seven years of experience working with young people. I have seen young people who grew up with parents who loved and accepted, instilled value and principles, disciplined, encouraged and stood by them and there are others who did not get those basic valuable needs met and those ingredients that help a person to succeed in life was not honed in their lives. It is much easier for the first group of children to have success in every area of their lives. But the young people who were not raised with love and acceptance have hard time excelling in their lives. They have to work hard to learn the basic principles of life before they go forward in their lives. It is very sad to see some who never reach their potential as they lack confidence, discipline, diligence, love, honesty and many other such things. Because to succeed and excel in study, profession and relationships a child needs certain ingredients which are instilled in the early life of a child.

I hear many disheartening stories of disobedience and rebellion. Many children who cannot finish their school and colleges and cannot keep jobs. Some get into drugs and alcoholism. Many parents tell me they do not want to attend gatherings because it is embarrassing and inconvenient due to their children’s behavior. As I travel to many places in trains and planes I have met and seen many parents who do not know how to keep their children occupied. Should they let them run around? When I go to the mall I see parents baffled by the demanding child who wants what he wants. They do not know some of the basic practical skills of raising a child! As how long a child need to sleep, what happens to a child if sweet is given just before the dinner time. There is a common belief that children are a pain. It is very sad to hear the mothers and fathers call their children ‘naughty’ when they run around. Even the schools expect the energetic boys to sit still if they don’t they are considered naughty, get punished and branded as a bad boy. Very few parents and educational authorities know how to channelize the energy of the children proper way; in turn you end up with a child that is uncontrollable.

There are very few resources that is available to the masses on how to really love our child, how to discipline each child appropriately according to the age. Only hand full of people can get hold of the resources that are available in the bookstores and other places. How will our parents know that it is possible to instill value and principle from a very early age, that they can raise a child to have a good self-image, develop the gifting and talents that they are born with. How do we raise our children to be a responsible, honest, who walks in integrity, who is not selfish, who influences his world positively? Our grandparents, uncle and aunties, parents and neighbors have passed down the knowledge of raising children. Some of those ideas are helpful but there are many that are influenced by false and wrong belief system. There are some, which are not scientifically right that can harm us then to benefit us. If we look around in our society we see so much dishonesty, lack of integrity, discipline and lack of excellence that is it possible to raise children with these values?

The ‘Mums & dads’ has been born out of an effort to equip the parents so that they will be able to train their children the right way and our future generation would be a generation that live a life of principles and values. I am using my time, knowledge, and resources as an investment in the future. With me there are talented people who design the Mums&Dads page and contribute writing articles, giving finances and encourage by showing areas that we need to improve. I have friends who proofread and edit the article. My husband and children help me with designing, photography and support me by encouragements.

This magazine is specially designed for Indian families, addressing the issues of raising children in our society. It is relevant to our needs and situations. Nevertheless I am sure all can get wisdom, knowledge and skills of parenting out of the articles that are going to be posted on this site. We have experienced parents who successfully raised their children share their insight on parenting.

So please join in the venture to influence the future generation of our society by giving your precious time, encouragement, love and acceptance to your children. Please take time to read the articles and subscribe to this e-magazine and invest in your future generation. We as a team will make every effort to post relevant articles. Please leave your comments so that we can improve what we do and do the best.

Happy Parenting
Anima Martins


2 thoughts on “Why Mums&Dads?

  1. I really appreciate about the article on parenting children, as being father sometimes very difficult and not understanding how to deal such situation or how to discipline in love becomes hard. Thanks a lot Anima taking time to write on this global issues. Blessings

    • Dear Daniel,

      Thank you very much for the comment. I hope the articles would continue to inspire you in your parenting.
      Anima Martins.

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