From You

“My best compliments, wishes and prayer to you for bringing the periodical ‘Mums&Dads.’ I feel that you are equipped through rearing your own children to be able to publish a parenting magazine like this one so that young parents can be benefited by it. I believe that because of the lack of knowledge on parenting our society is perishing.
“‘Mums&Dads’ is a unique inspirational and thought-provoking parenting magazine that can bring good results if these principles are practiced.”
Pastor Nand Kishore

“Dear Anima,
Thanks for starting up this magazine. There were a couple of things I especially loved about it. One was the cooking and health tips with photos. That was very creative and it is so good for people to know that even what we eat makes a big difference in the lives of our kids.
“Also I loved it that you spoke up as an Indian woman about the good and not so good traditions and practices and that we can change and learn and grow towards truth rather than just reacting. As a Westerner who has lived here for 18 years I am very aware that some of our parenting approaches are very cultural and that we can learn from each other. God bless you as you take on this endeavor and bring along the help and finances you need to see it thrive. I believe in our job as parents we are to reflect the character of God so this is one more way to share with people about the wonderful God we serve.”

Hi Animaji

Your magazine: MUMS And DADS has a been a great source of blessing for us specially for my daughter. In fact, when we met you first time in Jaipur with small baby in our midst, we were kind of feeling like walking in the dark without torchlight! But your timely suggestion on parenting has been inspiring and not only that both of us have been equally touched by the way you invest on your life to your own three children which I have watched them growing these last 8 years as a responsible and civilized boys.

I agreed with your statement and like repeat that “disciplining a child needs consistency and continue to do them will make disciple much more easy when they grow older.”

I invited my close friends and family members also who are having kids so that they will also profit out of this magazine.

Thanks for coaching us!

– Anem, Sorei, and little Kezia

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